Something thrilling this way comes.

Apologies to Mr Shakespeare for not only stealing his words but have the utter gall to change them. But I have a secret. A surprise. I am embarking upon an adventure.

Step one of the adventure took place yesterday and while I am not quite ready to reveal everything just yet I did take this photograph while I was en route…


This sculpture can be found in the Sunniside area of Sunderlandand was made by Clifford Chapman Metalworks in Washington and designed by Sunderland University lecturer and glass specialist Laura Johnston. It is shaped like the hull of a ship to pay tribute to Sunderland’s proud shipbuilding past.

I couldn’t resist stopping to admire it and take this photograph.

The reason I was in Sunniside on a cold Wednesday afternoon is to be revealed soon.


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2 thoughts on “Something thrilling this way comes.

  1. Really cheered me up to see this,my grandparents used to live opposite in Norfolk street,a picture of it is on my blog,consider yourself followed!!


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