Blue-Butterfly Cushion

It has been a glorious day in Sunderland. As we don’t have the opportunity to say that very often I wanted to record it for posterity. It was sunny and (relatively) warm. Blue skies. Just the weather I had in mind when I thought of having Robert Frost’s poem Blue-Butterfly Day as inspiration for some designs. I like to think my latest cushion is in keeping with his words.



It also got me thinking about inspiration in general. Why one sensory input triggers no creative desire while another, often random, experience results in a rush of creativity. So as much as I love cake (and goodness me I do like cake!) I have, as yet, never been moved to make a quilt after eating a Victoria Sponge. I do however admit to eating many Victoria Sponges, and countless other cakey delights, whilst sewing.

Spring/butterflies/the sea etc never fail to urge me to try to transform fabric and thread into something new. This blog and this website will hopefully chart my creative journey. And equally hopefully we will have cake along to sustain us.

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