CWGC Living Memory Project: Day 2

Having read through the Resource Pack provided by the CWGC Living Memory Project I decided to focus on a cemetery near to my home; Mere Knolls Cemetery in Sunderland. Taking advantage of the beautiful weather we are having I set out feeling confident I have it all under control. Hmmm…maybe not.

First set back is it is a much larger cemetery than I realised and walking is not my strong suit. Secondly I foolishly assumed the the majority of the war graves would be together. Despite this I have progressed.

It is a beautiful place. This is a photograph of the main gates.



And here is the view as you reach beginning of the graves.



It was very peaceful and tranquil.

According to the CWGC’s site there are 181 war graves here. I wandered about for quite a while and found some dotted about here and there:



And then a group of 30 arranged together in 2 rows:


Clearly I need to return and be more organised. Having said that it was very pleasant to be there and read the stones.

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