A new quilt

I love the feeling at the start of a new project. Beautifully folded fabric, carefully thought out techniques, choosing the right thread. Nothing between you and the finished article apart from hours of blissful sewing. At that starting point you haven’t cut out anything incorrectly, or sewn something back to front, or lost a pile of fabric shapes or run out of bobbin thread a few inches before the end of a seam. No, all is well. Bliss.

My new project is an Orange Peel quilt. It’s a technique I haven’t used before so I wanted to give it a go. I’m using the loveliest fabric, it’s a range called The Botanist by Lewis & Irene. I’m using plain white as the background.


I made myself a template using template plastic. I often just use cereal packets or packaging from parcels but there will be lots of orange peels so it needed to be robust. I traced the shape onto the back of each fat quarter (I get 20 peels from each FQ) then cut them out. That will be 200 peels.I may not use them all on the same quilt but let’s see how it goes. I also put a bit of painters tape on the template so it adhered lightly as I was marking the shape.


It sounds laborious but I enjoy this part of the process. This fabric is great quality so even the sound of the scissors sliding through is a pleasure. I feel like Milly Molly Mandy in the old story.And as I have done with most of my other quilts I am keeping a record of how many hours it takes me. It’s easy to do as I keep a note book with my project for thoughts/tips. I have a page for time spent. So far it is 3 hours.

I’m halfway through my cutting out. For each peel in the fabric I will also need a peel cut from fusible web. So 200 fabric peels and 200 lightweight fusible web peels.


Here are what some of the lovely fabrics look like. So exciting!




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National Simplicity Day

Today is National Simplicity Day.

It was founded as 12th July is the birthdate of Henry David Thoreau who was a fascinating man. Thoreau was born in 1817 and was an advocate of simple living.


I spend my life rushing from one task to the next never really feeling I do any one of them adequately. Thoreau was a philosopher, historian, surveyor, abolitionist, transcendentalist, naturalist and poet so certainly had a hugely busy life yet he aimed for simplicity. He was a man both of and ahead of his time; as a vegetarian and a follower of Hindu customs he lived as simply as he could close to nature.

I found it difficult to choose just one piece of his writing as an example of his work as his interests were so varied. I eventually decided to quote one of my favourites: ‘Our life is frittered away by detail… simplify, simplify’.


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